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Frequently Asked Questions

What are beer burros?

Beer burro is another term for "pack donkey". Our donkeys can be hired to help serve drinks, snacks or pose in a photo at your special event. 

Is there a minimum or maximum time for the services?

Our donkeys are only available for 2 hour increments. They are little old ladies and get tired, just like the rest of us. 

Are they safe?

Yes, they sure are! These gals are very safe for everyone to be around! They are in training to be certified as therapy animals, are calm, non destructive to property and landscaping and are very friendly. 

Where will you travel to?

We will travel in the Puget Sound Region. Not sure if we will travel to where you are located? Send us a message and we can let you know if your location is in the area we journey too. 

What do the donkeys carry?

Our donkeys can carry drinks, promotion items,  flowers, and much more in their baskets. Not sure if they can carry the item you are wanting? Send us a message and we will let you know their capacity!

Are you licensed?

We sure are! Licensed and insured. 

Can I dress them up?

Of course! We love to make the donkeys match the theme of your event. Give us a heads up on the colors and ideas you have and we can make it happen. 

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